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PhD Candidate
Office: Roosevelt Commons Building 400

Primary Areas of Expertise


I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Washington Information School and a Graduate Fellow of the Comparative Law & Society Studies (CLASS) Center. I am also an attorney and member of the California State Bar (inactive). I research in the area of information law, policy, and ethics. In particular, I am investigating how wearable cameras on police officers alter various aspects of police work, affect police-citizen interactions and perceptions of police legitimacy, and provide evidence to support or deter claims of misconduct; how irregular migrants to the U.S. use technology, obtain information about border crossing, and experience surveillance at the U.S.-Mexico border; and how states (and local agencies) manage public disclosure practices around automated license plate reader databases under freedom of information laws. During the summer of 2013, I worked as a Google Policy Fellow at the Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I also have a professional background in television, film, and video production as a producer, cinematographer, editor, and motion graphics artist, and have recently produced and directed a documentary film about humanitarian and artistic to response to illegal migration and migrant deaths along the U.S.-Mexico border (for more about the film, The Tinaja Trail, see


  • JD, Law, University of California, Davis School of Law, 2010
  • BS, Multimedia Communication Technology, Utah Valley State College, 2006


  • California State Bar
  • California Young Lawyers Association

Secondary Areas of Expertise

Publications and Contributions


  • "Filmmaker Showcase: Film as an Information Medium Connecting Cultures and Communities" (2014)
  • "Freedom of Information as Counter-Surveillance: Policing, Big Data, and Public Access to Automated License Plate Recognition Databases" (2014)
    Presented at: Law and Society Association
  • "Local Law Enforcement Jumps on the Big Data Bandwagon: Automated License Plate Recognition Systems, Information Privacy, and Access to Government Information " (2014)
    Presented at: Maine Law Review
  • "Public Places, Private Lives: Balancing Privacy and Freedom of Expression in the United Kingdom" (2014)
  • "Commentator: Alan Rubel and Mei Zhang, What Did Elsevier Know, and When Did They Know It?: Privacy Provisions in Electronic Journal Licenses" (2013)
    Presented at: Information Ethics Roundtable 2013 (Workshop)
  • "Local Law Enforcement Jumps on the Big Data Bandwagon: Automated License Plate Recognition Systems, Information Privacy, and Access to Government Information" (2013)
  • "Participatory Democratic Governance and Judicial Balancing of Privacy and Expression in the United Kingdom" (2013)
    Presented at: Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC)
  • "Technopolicing, Surveillance, and Citizen Oversight: The War between Freedom, Power, and Transparency in Omnioptic Public Spaces" (2013)
    Presented at: Information Ethics Roundtable 2013 (Workshop)
  • "Video Surveillance in Public Libraries: a Case of Unintended Consequences?" (2013)
    Presented at: HICSS 2013 - Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
  • "Pervasive Image Capture, the First Amendment, and Citizen-Initiated Counter Surveillance of Police in Public Spaces" (2012)
    Presented at: Scholars’ Studio: “Citizen” Research @the Commons, University of Washington Graduate School and UW Libraries Research Commons
  • "The Art of Survival: Life and Death on the Tinaja Trail (work-in-progress film screening and presentation about humanitarian and activist work at the U.S.-Mexico border)" (2012)
    Presented at: Information & Society Center Open Event Series @ Research Conversations
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