Logos & Brand Guidelines


The iSchool logo may only be used by groups affiliated with the University, such as student groups or for alumni events. It may be used on posters, signage, banners, web pages and event materials. Any use on merchandise must receive prior approval from the iSchool communications department.

While not mandatory (except for merchandise), it is recommended that use of the logo for any major public or student activity be reviewed by the iSchool graphic designer.

Logo Variations



Symbol only*

iSchool logo

vertical iSchool logo iSchool logo symbol

*UW Information School should be mentioned if this logo is used

Download the iSchool Logo Art Pack for .jpg, .psd and .eps versions of our logos to use for print and web. 



Minimum clear space around the logo is at least the height of the ‘I’ in Information

iSchool logo surrounding space


Unacceptable Logo Treatments

Do not tilt

Do not fill with pattern or images

Do not put logo behind or on top of text

tilted logo

logo tie dye

logo over text

Do not put text around logo

Do not stretch or squish

Do not add elements

logo with a circle of words

logo elements added

More Information

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iSchool PowerPoint presentation template

Contact Information

Lori Dugdale
Communications Director