Dr. Mike H.M. Teodorescu is an Assistant Professor in the Information School at the University of Washington. His research and teaching interests encompass machine learning fairness, technology innovation and adoption, intellectual property, and entrepreneurship.

Through collaborations with USAID, MIT, and Harvard, he has brought a rigorous, information systems approach to the ethics of AI and ML fairness - powerful tech increasingly affecting everything from hiring to lending to security across the globe. He has also partnered with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office leadership to study strategic use of patents by firms, with a focus on effects of patent policy on priorities like green technology and gender and socioeconomic equity in invention.

He serves on the Strategic Management Journal Editorial Review Board and is joining the Editorial Board for Journal of the Association for Information Systems for the Special Issue on Digital Responsibility starting November 2022. He is a longstanding INFORMS, AOM, and IEEE member.

Prior to joining the UW, he was a faculty member at Boston College and a Visiting Scholar at MIT D-Lab, and cofounded the medtech social enterprise SurgiBox to improve access to quality healthcare globally. He has published widely in information systems, business, policy, technology, and global development journals as well as an HBS teaching materials; and is also the holder of several patents.

Teodorescu earned his Doctorate from Harvard Business School and his Computer Science bachelor’s cum laude from Harvard University.

Publications and Contributions

  • Conference Paper
    Closing the Gender Gap in Patenting: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial at the USPTO (2022)
    AOM Annual Meeting Proceedings 2022 Authors: Nicholas Pairolero, Andrew Toole, Charles DeGrazia, Mike Teodorescu, Peter-Anthony Pappas
  • Conference Paper
    Patents and the Independent Inventor Lifecycle (2022)
    AOM Annual Meeting Proceedings 2022 Authors: Charles DeGrazia, Nicholas Pairolero, Peter-Anthony Pappas, Mike Teodorescu, Andrew Toole