• Digital Humanities and Project Management
  • Egyptology
  • Text Encoding


Sarah Ketchley is an Affiliate Lecturer in Near Eastern Languages and Civilization. Trained as an Egyptologist specializing in art history in the first millennium BCE, her research currently focuses on the history of Egyptology at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries. Long engaged in the Digital Humanities, Ketchley has developed numerous college courses and seminars in DH for both undergraduate and graduate students ranging from introductory-level classes to more specialized digital tool-building workshops. She works with student interns on a range of DH projects which include text encoding, database development, transcription, mapping, visualization, project management and marketing.

Current projects include:

Emma B. Andrews Diary Project: https://www.emmabandrews.org/project/
Newbook Digital Texts: https://www.newbookdigitaltexts.org/
Open Ottoman: https://openottoman.org/
The Baki Project: https://www.thebakiproject.org/main/


  • Ph D, Egyptology, University of Birmingham, 2004
  • BA, Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Birmingham, 1999


  • Pathways to Creating an Inclusive and Accessible Digital Humanities Classroom (2022)
    8th Annual Digital Pedagogy Institute Conference - Virtual
  • Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching Digital Humanities (2019)
    Association for Computers and the Humanities - Pittsburgh, PA