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The iSchool IT Help Desk can help students, faculty, and staff with any issues specific to the iSchool and any equipment managed by the iSchool. Many technology questions are generic to everyone at the University of Washington as opposed to being specific to the iSchool. As a result you may want to search from the UW IT home page, it's also worth visiting as it discusses topics relating to UW NetID resources, Internet use guidelines, email configuration, hardware and software availability, general networking issues, computer lab locations, web publishing guides, and departmental repairs.

Solutions to many issues can be found on the iSchool Knowledge Base
If you are unable to find your solution there, please contact us!

If you need support from home or while use a personal computer, please download the iSchool IT Remote Support application before you call us. All iSchool computers should already have this application installed.

Contact the iSchool IT Help Desk

Submit a Ticket: Help Form
Phone: (206) 616-3086
In Person: MGH 470, Monday - Friday: 9:00AM - 5:00PM

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Get help for Online Learning Tools on the iTechT site
iSchool IT Dashboard for information about technology-related outages
iSchool Knowledge Base
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iSchool IT Help Desk Help Form

Frequently Asked UW IT Questions

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