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Catharine E Starbird

CV Adjunct Assistant Professor

Publications and Contributions


  • `Automatic Misinformation Detection on Social Media Spaces during Crisis Events (2016)
    2nd Annual International Conference on Computational Social Science - Evanston, Illinois
  • A Network-based Approach to Scoping Rumor Stories in Social Media (2016)
    36th Sunbelt Network Conference (INSNA) - Newport Beach, California
  • Modeling rumor diffusion on social media during crisis events (2016)
    36th Sunbelt Network Conference (INSNA) - Newport Beach, California
  • Did You Hear about the Computer that Can Detect Rumors?: An Algorithmic Approach to Rumor Detection (2015)
    Undergraduate Research Symposium - Seattle, WA USA
  • Expressed Uncertainty and Denials as Signals of Online Rumoring (2015)
    Collective Intelligence Conference - Santa Clara, CA USA
  • What Should Count?: A Quantitative Approach to Scoping Rumors in Social Media (2015)
    Social Media and Society Conference 2015 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada