Capstone Projects at the iSchool

Capstone event 2017
Capstone event 2017
Capstone event 2017

Capstone projects are the culmination of students' learning experience. They distill the knowledge and skills acquired in academic courses and apply them to a real-world project. 

Students serve as consultants to an organization and identify an information problem or need. They then develop the approach and methods needed to address the problem, conduct the research and present the findings in both oral and written formats. Capstone projects are developed during winter quarter (January-March) and are implemented during spring quarter (April through June).

The final piece is the Capstone event at the end of the school year. Students get the opportunity to present their projects to faculty, friends, family, colleagues, and sponsors as well as a panel of judges to be considered for a number of awards. It is the iSchool's most popular and prestigious event of the year. Read about the 2017 event or view a video of the 2017 event

Affiliates and iSchool community partners are invited to sponsor Capstone projects by submitting a project idea each autumn and working with students during the winter and spring quarters. Learn how to partner with iSchool students on a Capstone project.

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