• Metadata & Cataloging
  • Data Migration
  • Emerging Trends in Metadata (Linked Data, AI, etc.)


Robin is a Guest Faculty member at the University of Washington Information School, specializing in metadata, cataloging, and the convergence of data and user interactions. With a background as a Metadata Librarian and Systems Migration Project Manager, Robin has collaborated with libraries, consortia, and nonprofits on various metadata initiatives, including data migration and interface development. Her expertise extends to the semantic web, encompassing linked data, BIBFRAME, and AI applications.
She advocates for data as a means of communication between users and resources, aiming to eliminate barriers through effective data utilization. Holding a Master of Library & Information Science from the University of South Carolina, Robin has pursued additional graduate coursework in Instructional Design & Development. As an early adopter of technology, she has consistently found herself at the forefront of integrating data solutions to enhance user experiences.
In 2012, Robin authored the guide "Semantic Web Technologies and Social Searching for Librarians," reflecting her commitment to advancing knowledge in the field. She maintains an active presence on various platforms, including LinkedIn, where she shares insights on semantic web and metadata. Her Semantic Web & Metadata Glossary and AI resources can be accessed through her Linktree profile (https://linktr.ee/robinfay). Additionally, Robin is a member of professional organizations ALA, GLA, DWEN, among others ; she administers several professional/library groups on Facebook.


  • MLIS, Metadata & Online Systems, University of South Carolina
  • IDD, Instructional Design & Development, The University of Georgia