Research Areas

The Information School focuses on the following key areas of research:

 Data, People, Decisions (DPD)

Identifying, analyzing, visualizing and securing data for critical business decisions

 Digital Youth

Understanding, supporting and enhancing the interactions of youth with digital information and technology

 Information Literacy

Developing independent, self-sufficient and smarter users and producers of information

 Information Management

Leveraging an organization’s information assets to succeed in strategic goals

 Information Technology for Social Change (IT/Social Change)

Promoting digital inclusion and empowering people through training and access to digital information

 Information, Values, Policy, Ethics

Promoting ethical work-life balance in the information age

 Knowledge Organization

Making the collective knowledge contained within an organization easier to identify and find

 Libraries and Librarianship

Assessing and organizing information to solve information problems by providing expertise, service and instruction

 Social Impact and Evaluation

Measuring impact against desired outcomes

 Social Media

Using social media and data to deliver on organizational strategies

 User Experience and Human Computer Interaction (UX/HCI)

Making technology easier to use and content more accessible