• MS, Information Science , University of Washington, 2018
  • BS, Psychology, University of Maryland, College Park, 2014
  • BA, Anthropology, University of Maryland, College Park, 2014

Publications and Contributions

  • Conference Paper
    "I feel like this is a bad thing": Investigating disassembly in action for novices (2020)
    Proceedings of the 38th annual ACM conference on human factors in computing systems (CHI '20) Authors: Nicholas Logler, Caroline Pitt, Xin Gao, Allison Marie Hishikawa, Jason Yip, Batya Friedman
  • Conference Paper
    A Badge, Not a Barrier: Designing for–and Throughout–Digital Badge Implementation (2019)
    CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Proceedings (CHI 2019), Page 14 Authors: Caroline Pitt, Adam Bell, Edgar Onofre, Katie Davis
  • Conference Paper
    Social media in the science classroom: Bridging funds of knowledge to scientific concepts (2019)
    Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL ’19) Authors: Kelly Mills, Elizabeth Bonsignore, Tamara Clegg, Jason Yip, June Ahn, Austin Beck, Daniel Pauw, Caroline Pitt, H. Jeong, C. Orellana
  • Journal Article, Academic Journal
    Supporting learners' STEM-oriented career pathways with digital badges (2019)
    Information and Learning Science, Volume 120, Issue 1/2, Page 87-107 Authors: Caroline Pitt, Adam Bell, Rose Strickman, Katharine Davis
  • Conference Paper
    Empowering families facing English literacy challenges to jointly engage in computer programming (2018)
    Proceedings of SIGCHI Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2018) Authors: Rahul Banerjee, Leanne Liu, Kiley Sobel, Caroline Pitt, Kung Jin Lee, Meng Wang, Sijin Chen, Lydia Davidson, Jason Yip, Amy J. Ko, Zoran Popovič
  • Conference Paper
    Exploring practices on the move: Facilitating learning across a neighborhood (2018)
    Proceedings of International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS 2018) Authors: L. Cabrera, J. Ahn, Jason Yip, T. Clegg, K. Hernly, E. Bonsignore, Caroline Pitt, D. Pauw, , ,
  • Conference Paper
    Science Everywhere: Designing public, tangible displays to connect youth learning across settings **First authors are listed by alphabetical order (Ahn, Clegg, Yip).** (2018)
    Proceedings of SIGCHI Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2018) Authors: June Ahn, Tamara Clegg, Jason Yip, Elizabeth Bonsignore, Daniel Pauw, Lautaro Cabrera, Kenna Hernly, Caroline Pitt, Kelly Mills, Arturo Salazar, Diana Griffing, Jeff Rick, Rachael Marr
  • Conference Paper
    Designing together?: Group dynamics in participatory digital badge design with teens (2017)
    Proceedings of the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Interaction Design and Children (IDC ’17), Page 322-327 Authors: Caroline Pitt, Katharine Davis
  • Conference Paper
    Examining adult-child interactions in participatory design (2017)
    In Proceedings of SIGCHI Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2017) Authors: Jason Yip, K. Sobel, Caroline Pitt, Kung Jin Lee, S. Chen, K. Nasu, L. Pina
  • Magazine/Trade Publication
    How to survive creating an intergenerational co-design group [invited article] (2016)
    ACM Interactions, Volume 23, Issue 4, Page 65-67 Authors: Jason Yip, Lindsey Arnold, Alyssa Gallo, Kung Jin Lee, Caroline Pitt, Kiley Sobel, Sijen Chen
  • Conference Paper
    Using digital badges to promote student agency and identity in science learning
    Proceedings of the Connected Learning Summit (CLS '18) Authors: Katharine Davis, Caroline Pitt, Adam Bell, Suhkyung Kim


  • Eliciting Scientific Funds of Knowledge Through Social Media Sharing in Formal Learning Environments (2019)
    Toronto, Canada
  • Why does a joyful process of co-design matter for children's technology design? (2019)
    American Educational Research Association (AERA) - Toronto, Canada
  • Designing interactive public displays for neighborhood scientizing (2018)
    2018 Annual Meeting for the American Education Research Association - New York, NY
  • Designing to Illuminate Children's Scientific Funds of Knowledge through Social Media Sharing (2018)
    17th Interaction Design and Children Conference - Trondheim, Norway
  • Empowering youth co-designers to promote student adoption of a digital badge system (2018)
    American Educational Research Association (AERA) - New York, NY