Michael Crandall

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Senior Lecturer
Office: Mary Gates Hall 015K
Phone: 206.897.1798
Fax: 206.616.3152

Primary Areas of Expertise

Current Quarter Teaching

  • LIS 600 - Independent study or research


Mike Crandall is a Senior Lecturer in the iSchool, and current director of the iAffiliates program. Prior to coming to the University of Washington, he was technology manager for the US Library program of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Prior to the foundation, Mike worked on search technology and knowledge organization for the intranet at Microsoft (MSWeb) and on information architecture and online library services at Boeing. He has served on the Dublin Core Metadata Board of Trustees since its inception in 2001. He is interested in public access computing, ICT in developing countries, metadata and knowledge organization, social dimensions of knowledge transfer and large scale information systems.


  • MLS, University of Washington, 1986
  • BA, Pomona College, 1969


  • Distinguished Alumnus Award - University of Washington Information School, 2013


  • American Library Association
  • American Society for Information Science & Technology
  • Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
  • Information Architecture Institute

Secondary Areas of Expertise

Publications and Contributions


  • "Library Data Mashups" (2014)
    Presented at: Information Today
  • "Linked Data For Libraries: Why Should We Care?" (2014)
    Presented at: New Jersey Special Libraries Association
  • "Maximizing patron outcomes: How to gather and use community needs assessments, community profiling, and patron-level data collection to help you deliver high value technology services" (2014)
    Presented at: Public Library Association
  • "Edge Initiative Information Session" (2013)
    Presented at: American Library Association
  • "Edge: Your roadmap to achieving community priorities through technology" (2013)
    Presented at: Urban Libraries Council
  • "Developing Benchmarks to Measure Public Access Technology Services" (2012)
    Presented at: InfoToday
  • "Impact Your Community: Strategies and Practices" (2012)
    Presented at: InfoToday
  • "Demonstrating the Impact of Public Access Technology" (2011)
    Presented at: Information Today, Inc
  • "Public Computers: Policies & Programs to Improve Patron Outcomes" (2011)
    Presented at: Information Today, Inc
  • "Demonstrating the Impact of your Public Access Computers" (2010)
    Presented at: PLA - Public Library Association
  • "How the American Public Benefits from Internet Access at U.S. Libraries" (2010)
    Presented at: City of Seattle
  • "Making Metadata Work" (2010)
    Presented at: WritersUA
  • "Technology and Its Impact on the Future of Libraries" (2010)
    Presented at: Seattle Public Library
  • "Why Leaders Should Care about Information Management" (2010)
    Presented at: University of Washington
  • "Anchoring the Semantic Web: the Evolution of Dublin Core" (2009)
    Presented at: DCMI - Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
  • "Communities Connect Network: Advancing e-Inclusion in Washington State through Community Technology" (2009)
    Presented at: iSchools Caucus
  • "Connect to the Future of Computing and IT" (2009)
    Presented at: University of Washington Educational Outreach
  • "Demonstrating Impact: Why Policy Makers Should Care About Public Access Computing" (2009)
    Presented at: ECEI - European Congress on E-Inclusion
  • "Digital Inclusion: Context and Looking at Recent Data" (2009)
  • "Dublin Core Redux" (2009)
    Presented at: KMWorld
  • "Engaging Community: Methods and Values in Community Informatics" (2009)
    Presented at: iSchools Caucus
  • "Information Architecture Careers" (2009)
    Presented at: Information School, University of Washington
  • "Taxonomy Projects: War Stories and Winning Them" (2009)
    Presented at: KMWorld
  • "Taxonomy Workshop" (2009)
    Presented at: KMWorld
  • "Communities Connect Network" (2008)
  • "Communities Connect Network--Communicating CTC Impact to the Legislature" (2008)
    Presented at: CTCNet - Community Technology Centers' Network
  • "Information Architecture Careers" (2008)
    Presented at: Information School, University of Washington
  • "The Business Analyst and Enterprise Information Architecture" (2008)
    Presented at: IABA - International Association of Business Analysts
  • "Transformational Roles: Breaking Rules (Discovery in the Round Conversation)" (2008)
    Presented at: SLA - Special Libraries Association
  • "What Every Information Professional Should Know" (2008)
    Presented at: Boeing Corporation
  • "Why Graduate School?" (2008)
    Presented at: Gates Millennium Schools
  • "Communities Connect Network" (2007)
  • "Digital Inclusion in Action: How Washington's community technology nonprofits provide access, literacy and content" (2007)
    Presented at: Washington Senate Economic Development, Trade & Management Committee
  • "Master of Science in Information Management Program" (2007)
    Presented at: AIIM - Association for Information and Image Management
  • "Metadata: What, How and Why" (2007)
    Presented at: STC-PSC - Society for Technical Communication, Puget Sound Chapter
  • "The Business Analyst Career: A Professional Review and Panel Discussion" (2007)
    Presented at: IIBA - International Institute of Business Analysis
  • "DC Education—Product, Process, and People" (2006)
    Presented at: DCMA - Dublic Core and Metadata Applications
  • "Information Architecture" (2006)
    Presented at: Education Institute
  • "Organizing Content for Management and Use" (2006)
    Presented at: Early & Associates
  • "Recognizing the Impact of Community Technology" (2006)
    Presented at: Communities Connect Network
  • "What Every Information Professional Should Know" (2006)
    Presented at: CM World
  • "Getting the Most from Knowledge Management" (2005)
    Presented at: Farkas Berkowitz & Company and Bentley Systems, Inc.
  • "I-Roles: Who and What do We Teach?" (2005)
    Presented at: Information Today
  • "Knowledge Practice—the Context" (2005)
    Presented at: Parsons Brinckerhoff
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