Lower-Division Courses

Applicants are encouraged to complete all the prerequisite courses listed below. Review and/or consideration of applicants who have not completed all prerequisite courses is at the discretion of the Informatics admissions committee. Due to limited availability in INFO 200 and statistics courses, applicants who are not able to take these prerequisites but still have interest in the major are encouraged to apply. Prospective students who have completed all listed prerequisites and would like to take additional classes before applying to the program are encouraged to take any courses in the program. (See below for information about requesting add codes.)

Prerequisite Courses

Additional Information

  • Prerequisites may be in progress at the time of application but must be complete by the end of spring term. (We are not able to consider summer courses.)
  • All prerequisite courses must be completed with numeric grading. We cannot accept CR/NC or S/NS grades. 
  • If you have taken multiple classes that fulfill the same requirement, we will consider the course where you earned the highest grade. 
  • If the University of Washington has awarded you credit for AP scores, you may use that credit to fulfill prerequisite course requirements.
  • If you have completed prerequisite coursework at a Washington state community or technical college, please use the UW Equivalency Guide to verify how it will transfer to the UW.
  • If you need assistance finding English composition or I&S courses, please use the General Education Requirement Course Search tool.

*Transfer students are not expected to have completed INFO 200, as there is no equivalent class outside the UW. Students admitted to the program without INFO 200 will be required to take it their first quarter in the program.

**If you have already taken STAT 220, we will accept it in fulfillment of the statistics prerequisite requirement. However, if you are deciding which statistics class to take, please select from one of the classes we have listed.

Add Codes

If you are interested in taking Informatics courses but are not currently in the program, please see our Add Code Policy.