Capstone Sponsorship

iAffiliates and iSchool community partners are invited to sponsor Capstone projects by submitting a project idea each autumn and working with students during the winter and spring quarters. We request that potential Capstone sponsors do the following:

1. Identify an information challenge that a student group could work on.

2. Identify one or more point persons within the organization who can serve as an on-going resource and guide.

3. Submit your project idea using iCareers.

Sharing opportunities with our students at the iSchool is easy. We use our online jobs and internships database, iCareers, to make opportunities available to iSchool students. Post Capstone Opportunities and Internships through iCareers.

Download this Capstone Proposal Guide to help guide you through the process of using iCareers to submit your proposal. Create an account and post your opportunity now.

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