Student Capstone Information

Working individually or in a defined group, the Capstone experience is student-directed, meaning you take responsibility for identifying and defining a problem to work on, developing the approach and methods needed to address or research the problem, carrying out the investigation, and presenting findings at the Capstone event.

A Capstone project may be a brand new project, an extension of a project begun in another course, or an extension of a faculty research project. Students are encouraged to work in teams of their choosing; however, individual projects are also fine.

Goals for the Capstone Experience

  • Define the information problem or opportunity
  • Determine what techniques to use to master this information problem or opportunity
  • Synthesize all aspects of the information problem; integrate people, technology and information
  • Make a positive difference for the community; be it a business, school, library, hospital, or other organization
  • Chose a topic or focus you are passionate about

Plan your Capstone Path