Independent Study

INFO 499

Students who are completing independent coursework or research with an iSchool faculty member are eligible to receive credits for their independent study. Students pursuing Departmental Honors in Informatics must complete at least 2 credits of INFO 496 or 499 to complete their honors requirements.

If you’re planning to receive credit for an independent study in an upcoming quarter, please follow these guidelines:

Step 1 (at least two weeks before beginning of the quarter):
Find a faculty sponsor. This faculty member will supervise and evaluate your internship as well as be responsible to give you a grade for INFO 499.

Step 2 (at least one week before beginning of the quarter):
Complete and submit the INFO 499: Independent Study Proposal Form before the beginning of the quarter.

Step 3 (2-3 days):
Once we process your INFO 499 request, we’ll send you an add code.