Scholarships & Funding

Scholarships for Informatics/MLIS/MSIM Students

The iSchool has a number of endowments, fellowship and financial gifts that are given by generous donors to the school to provide financial support in the form of scholarships for students. MLIS, MSIM and Informatics students who are planning for their second year (or beyond) in their degree program are eligible to apply for these scholarships. Applications for scholarships are available in winter quarter each year. Details on the application process are announced via email to the degree program listservs.

Scholarships are awarded on a variety of criteria as outlined by the various donors. This may include:

  • Academic merit
  • Financial need
  • Leadership and/or involvement in the iSchool community
  • Demonstrated interest in a specific career field
  • Demographic considerations such as gender and ethnicity

Scholarships awarded on the basis of financial need (need-based) require students submit a FAFSA form. The priority deadline for completing the FAFSA form is February 28 each year. Students are encouraged to submit a FAFSA form to provide the widest option for scholarship consideration. Note: not all scholarships are need-based. You are still considered for an award even if you don’t complete the FAFSA.

Funding for International Students

International students are eligible to apply for iSchool scholarships. If you have a social security number, you can submit a FAFSA request. You will receive an indication that you are not eligible for government financial aid, however, submitting the FAFSA does make you eligible for iSchool need-based scholarship consideration. UW International Student Services provides more information about financial assistance for international students.

Campus Resources for Scholarship

UW Graduate School Funding
Grants and Funding Information Service

Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards
Mary Gates Endowment

Conference Funding for Informatics/MLIS/MSIM Students

The iSchool has funding available to defray the costs for students presenting at professional conferences, participating in case competitions or contributing to a research project that requires travel. These funds help cover registration fees, travel, room and board and other expenses associated with attending a conference. Funding is limited and is intended to help off-set the costs of students participating in these types of activities. Funds are requested through your program academic adviser.

In addition to iSchool funds, graduate students can be considered for the Graduate School Fund for Excellence and Innovation Travel Awards. These funds are requested through the MLIS and MSIM academic advisers.

Students should check with professional organizations for funding opportunities. These organizations often offer scholarships for students to attend conferences. Announcements received by the iSchool for these funds are sent to the program listservs as well as posted on the Student Services blog and Facebook page.

Travel Forms
iSchool Conference Funding Form (MLIS/MSIM/INFO) 
Travel Reimbursement Form (all programs)