Registering for classes in the Informatics major works almost exactly the same as the process all undergraduate students follow during their first two years at the university.

There are a few notable exceptions, described below. Please note: this information is not intended to serve as a hard and fast guide to policies regarding registration, but rather to serve as an overview.

Registering for Informatics Classes as an Informatics Major

Majors have priority when enrolling for classes offered through the program. Once accepted to the major, Informatics students may register for Informatics classes without requesting add codes. There are two notable exceptions to this policy:

  • Capstone classes require students to obtain an add code
  • Internships for credit and independent study require approval from the Informatics academic adviser

Registering for Informatics Classes as a Non-Major

Non-majors are able to enroll in classes in the Informatics major as space is available. They are permitted to take up to two upper division core Informatics courses. There is no restriction on the number of elective Informatics courses. During period one registration, students already enrolled in the major have priority in registering for classes.

Non-majors who would like to enroll in a core courses offered as part of the Informatics program need to acquire add codes and are expected to have completed any prerequisites for the courses they wish to enroll in. They may submit an add code request using this Catalyst survey: For more information about add codes, please click here