Master of Library and Information Science

MLIS Curriculum

The MLIS degree program is 63 quarter credits, consisting of three elements: core courses, electives, and a final degree project. Program requirements are the same for students in the residential MLIS and online MLIS programs. Law MLIS students should refer to their specific requirements, which differ.

The MLIS curriculum is grounded in a set of core courses which are designed to give you a broad and solid foundation in important aspects of the library and information science field. Our world-class and diverse faculty has established this core curriculum to provide a conceptual and theoretical base of knowledge on how information is organized, stored, searched, and used, along with important technological, policy, pedagogical, research, management, and design concepts.

Beyond the required core courses, you have a lot of flexibility and the option of designing a program of study specific to your interests and career goals. Elective credits may include advanced LIS courses, other iSchool graduate courses, directed fieldwork, independent study, or relevant upper-level coursework in other academic disciplines.

Following is a list of the core and indication of what is required or not based on entry year into the MLIS program (Residential or Online):

  Required core for AUT 2015 and previous cohorts: Required core for AUT 2016 cohort: Required core for AUT 2017 cohort:
LIS 500: The Question of Information Required Not offered nor required Not offered nor required
LIS 510: Information Behavior Required Required Choose from LIS 510 or LIS 547
LIS 520: Information Resources, Services and Collections Required Required Required
LIS 530: Organization of Information and Resources Required Required Required
LIS 550: Information and Society Required Required LIS 550 is not offered; however choose from a menu of courses on social/ethical issues
LIS 560: Instructional and Training Strategies for Information Professionals Required Required Elective
LIS 570: Research, Assessment and Design Required Required Choose from LIS 570 or an advanced research methods course
LIS 580: Management of Information Organizations Required Required Required
Information Technology Core Course (one required) Choose from INFX 511, 512, 542, 543, 544, 546, 547, 572, or 573 Choose from INFX 511, 512, 542, 543, 544, 546, 547, 572, or 573 Choose from INFX 511, 512, 542, 543, 544, 546, 547, 572, or 573
INFX 595 + 596: Capstone I and II Required Required Required

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