Informatics Minor

If you love your major but want to know more about how to apply data, information and technology to solve problems in your chosen field, then the Informatics minor might be for you. 

The Informatics minor includes required components in data, design, policy and ethics, and code. It allows you the opportunity to take additional courses at the 300 level or above in Informatics or within your own discipline related to technology. 

Requirements: A minimum of 32 credits. 

  • Required courses (25 credits)
    • INFO 200 Intellectual Foundations of Informatics
    • INFO 201 Technical Foundations
    • INFO 340 Relational Database Management Systems
    • INFO 360 Design Thinking
    • INFO 450 Information Ethics and Policy
  • Electives (2 courses, 7 credits minimum)
    • Students select two existing INFO 300/400 level classes. Students can request to substitute ONE class from their major that is technology related. 
    • CSE 142 can be utilized as ONE minor elective
      • CSE 142 is a recommended elective for all minors as it provides additional exposure to code/programming and helps minors meet a prerequisite for many other INFO classes. 

The Informatics minor is open (not competitive or capacity-constrained). In order to declare the Informatics minor, students need to have declared a major and should contact the advising staff of their major for the appropriate procedures. Additional information about declaring a minor at the UW is provided here.

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