PhD in Information Science


Lassana Magassa

2012 Google Fellow

I study how social control policies, for example internet filters, firewalls and rules defining appropriate use, affect the digital divide, specifically its impact on people’s ability to gain digital literacy skills. The space in which I am examining this phenomenon is US prisons.

Beth Patin

I became interested [post-Hurricane Katrina] in preserving not only information, but the services libraries provide in the face of disasters, when people need them the most. It helped me understand what’s absolutely essential – my community. That’s what I recognized when I came to the iSchool.

Jill Woelfer

2012 recipient of the UW Graduate School Medal

Like all young people, homeless young people use personal technologies, such as mobile phones and music players, and information systems such as MySpace and Facebook. But the role of these technologies is not understood by agencies that assist them. Consequently, agencies often restrict use or access to these technologies.