PhD in Information Science



Amanda Menking

Ph.D. candidate

Amanda specializes in computer-supported cooperative work, specifically as it applies to Wikipedia. "I hope the findings from my research prompt people in all fields to consider the ways in which systemic bias impacts the kinds of information they not only encounter but also the kinds of information they generate and curate."

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Joseph Tennis

Associate Professor and Director of Faculty Affairs, UW Information School

Joe Tennis was the first graduate of the UW Information School Ph.D. in Information Science program in 2005. He joined the iSchool in 2007 after two years at The University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The focus of his research is knowledge organization, specifically classification theory and the evaluation of classification practices and structures.

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David Hendry

Hendry investigates tools, practices, and systems that create the conditions for sustainable, inclusive participation in the design of information systems. Working with the theory and method of Value Sensitive Design, he is currently conducting studies on the use of information systems by homeless young people and drop-in centers that support their welfare. For his dissertation at The Robert Gordon University where he graduated in 1996, he developed a user-interface architecture for implementing diverse families of information retrieval applications.

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