Bachelor of Science in Informatics


The Bachelor of Science degree in Informatics includes three sets of courses:

  • Lower-division requirements
  • Core courses
  • Concentrations/transcriptable options

Lower-Division Requirements

  • INFO 200 Intellectual Foundations of Informatics
  • CSE 142 Computer Programming I
  • STAT 311 Elements of Statistical Methods OR QMETH 201 Introduction to Statistical Methods*
  • English Composition
  • I&S (Individuals and Societies) course

*These are two pre-approved courses available to fulfill this requirement. There are other options that can be approved by the academic adviser.

Core Courses

Informatics core course requirements help you develop a broad awareness of topics essential to your future practice as an information and technology professional. In addition to providing an opportunity for students to hone and expand their technical knowledge, the core courses introduce other legal and ethical questions you will need to put the ways people create, store, find, manipulate and share information into proper context.

  • CSE 143 Computer Programming II
  • CSE 373 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • INFO 340 Database Management and Information Retrieval
  • INFO 343 Web Technologies
  • INFO 360 Design Thinking
  • INFO 380 Information Systems Analysis and Management
  • INFO 450 Information Ethics and Policy
  • INFO 470 Research Methods
  • INFO 481 Project Management
  • INFO 490 Capstone Project I
  • INFO 491 Capstone Project II

Concentrations/Transcriptable Options

In addition to the base Bachelor of Science in Informatics degree, you may choose the following options to complete and have that option noted on your UW transcript. 

More Information

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