Information Diversity Ambassadors

Information Diversity Ambassadors (iDA) are a group of volunteer undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students who act as contacts for prospective students. Get the student perspective regarding your questions about specific iSchool programs, attending the UW, living in Seattle, and tips for funding your education.

Please connect with us (irecruit@uw.edu) during your application process. iDAs can help you with the following:

  • Give feedback on your personal statement (MLIS, MSIM) and/or your research statement (Ph.D.).
  • Arrange visits with iSchool faculty.
  • Offer tours of the iSchool and the UW campus.
  • Direct you to resources for underrepresented minorities, such as the Graduate Opportunities & Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP).

To request an iDiversity Ambassador contact you, please select your program of interest.

  • Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS)
  • Master of Science in Information Management (MSIM)
  • Ph.D. in Information Science (PhD)

For more information about each program, please check out our upcoming Information Sessions.

iDiversity Ambassadors for Ph.D. in Information Science

 Nora Abokhodair, Ph.D. Candidate
 Self-Identifiers: Saudi Muslim
 Gender: Female
 Hometown: Saudi Arabia
 Undergraduate Institution, Degree: King Saud University (Riyadh), Computer Science
 Research and/or Professional Interests: Information security, HCI

Verónica Guajardo, PhD Candidate
Self-Identifiers: Immigrant, Chicana/Latina, first generation college student
Gender: Female
Hometown: Born Jalisco, Mexico, raised in Central Valley of California
Organizational Affiliations: SACNAS, MESA, Purple Group
Research and/or Professional Interests: Technology and Social Change, Immigration and Migration, Networks and Community, Photo Voice, STEM & Education Equity

iDiversity Ambassadors for Master of Library and Information Science: MLIS Residential Ambassadors

 Sunny Kim, MLIS Residential
I am a residential MLIS student interested in youth/teen librarianship in public libraries. I believe that libraries can be sites for transformation, learning, and community-building for all youth. I grew up Korean American in Arizona and small town Washington. I'm a first-generation graduate student. I've lived in Seattle since 2006, working to establish many strong relationships through my work with local non-profits and foundations. I am an ALA Spectrum Scholar, a member of WLA group, and CAYAS. My pronouns are they/them.

 Sandy Sivisay, MLIS Residential
I am Lao American with a BA in Creative Writing, minor in Education from the UW. Growing up with immigrant parents, there was always an emphasis on cultural preservation. I am interested in both cultural preservation and cultural awareness through the power of literacy aimed at youth. Through the UW I volunteered in several elementary classrooms, reading to and with children. This past year I participated in a study recording the effects of early literacy intervention with autistic preschoolers. Experiences like these fueled my passion for working with children. My goal is a career in youth librarianship with a focus on multicultural literature, but I am open to any paths the MLIS program may lead me to.

iDiversity Ambassadors for Master of Library and Information Science: MLIS Online

Nicola Andrews
Kia ora! I am a first-generation scholar, and an online student in the final year of my MLIS degree. My interests include indigenous knowledge systems, instructional design, and outreach services. I believe that libraries are ideal spaces to uphold social justice and equity for all those who seek information. I am proud to be an ALA Spectrum Scholar, ARL CEP Fellow, and ARL Diversity Scholar.

 Jessica Humphries, MLIS Online
I am a mixed-race urban Indigenous woman, first-generation university graduate, second-year online MLIS student, currently residing in Victoria, BC. My research interests include Indigenous Systems of Knowledge, the relationship between information management systems and community, and collection development. I am an American Library Association Spectrum Scholar, Association of Research Libraries Career Enhancement Program Fellow, Association of Research Libraries Diversity Scholar and the online rep for the iSchool's iEquality Student Group.

 Je Salvador, MLIS Online
I am a multiracial, first-generation college student in the online MLIS program who hails from Walla Walla by way of Seattle originally. Our conversation is a safe zone. I am interested in access and motivation equality for information users. I hope, eventually, to pursue a Ph.D. in Information Science.

iDiversity Ambassadors for Master of Science in Information Management: MSIM Full-Time Ambassadors

 Daniel Kapellmann Zafra, FT MSIM
Internationalist from ITAM University in Mexico City and currently enrolled for the Master of Science in Information Management at the University of Washington, supported by Fulbright and Conacyt scholarships. My main interest is the intersection between technology and business/social.

 Gauri Chitre, FT MSIM
Hi! I am a second year MSIM student at the iSchool. I am originally from Mumbai, India, where I obtained undergraduate degree in Information Technology from Mumbai University. I worked for more than four years in a product-based software company. My motive to pursue an MSIM degree comes from my aim to be an information management professional with technical expertise and business acumen. The University of Washington and the city of Seattle have a lot to offer to make your journey a memorable experience.