Welcome to the UW iSchool Diversity, Equity & Access Office

  • Are you American Indian/Native Alaskan/Indigenous, Black/African American, Asian/Pacific Islander American or Latino/Hispanic?
  • Are you LGBTQ?
  • Are you a first generation college or graduate school scholar in your family, or do you come from a low socio-economic community?
  • Are you a veteran?

If you are, you may be what is referred to as an underrepresented minority (URM) in higher education, and the UW iSchool Diversity, Equity & Access Office is here to help you!

Students are our utmost priority and the reason we are here. Students’ educational, intellectual and social engagements are far richer and more meaningful when connecting with people with different points of view and life experiences. We have a strong focus on race and ethnicity, yet we define diversity broadly, to include class, sexual orientation, religion and many other dimensions of the diversity among us.

At the iSchool we make use of our community and UW resources to connect with and serve our students. As a student, there are many ways to get involved with diversity, among them:

At the iSchool, inclusion and connectedness are celebrated as essential components of academic excellence. We invite you to join the iSchool community of scholars and hope to see you on campus soon!