Student Research

iSchool students pursue research opportunities in all degree programs, working with faculty, external partners and other students to explore diverse subjects like information ethics, big data, social media and cybersecurity. Student research is celebrated in public research events, including the annual UW Undergraduate Research Symposium and the iSchool’s Capstone event. Students also present their research posters and papers at a wide variety of academic and professional association conferences.

Student Research Profiles

We asked students and alumni about their experience with research while at the iSchool, why it was interesting to them, and why they would recommend that other students get involved with research. Read their stories:

Vijay Gaikwad 
Vijay is an MSIM student working with Joshua Blumenstock on a big data analytics research project involving mobile phone data from Afghanistan.

Ramkumar Chokkalingam
Ram is an MSIM student working with Joshua Blumentstock on his data mining research on call detail records of major telecom provider.

Marisol Silva
Marisol (MSIM 2013) participated in the Fearless Cards Project, an initiative led by Ricardo Gómez that aims at helping under-served communities overcome their emotional barriers to learn computer skills.

Stacey Wedlake
Stacey is an MLIS student and a research assistant with U.S. IMPACT Study, a research group led by Mike Crandall that studies how people use technology in libraries.

Violet Fox
Violet (MLIS 2013) participated in research with Allyson Carlyle to evaluate and bridge the gap between theoretical research into cataloging and the day-to-day issues that catalogers encounter.

Cherry Wang
Cherry (MLIS 2013) is an alumna who studied the information behavior and technology challenges of a very unique group of people and came up with a solution to a complex problem.

Phillip Pasqual
Phillip is an Informatics student conducting HCI research with Jacob Wobbrock on a project called Mouse Pointing Endpoint Prediction using Kinematic Template Matching.

Bryan Dosono
Bryan (Informatics 2013) found his calling as a scholar when he conducted research with Ricardo Gomez on Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICDT).