Recruiting Policy for Employers

All employment professionals recruiting Information School students through the iSchool and other on-campus recruiting channels, such as the UW Career Center and other established college or university programs, are required to work within a framework of professionally accepted recruiting, interviewing, and selection practices as stipulated in the NACE Principles for Professional Conduct.

Eligibility for use of iSchool Career Services

Legal and ethical restrictions
Employers not eligible to use iSchool Career Services include:

  • Employers who have been judged by a court of law in the United States to be engaged in illegal activities
  • Employers who are involved in strikes and are hiring for positions which are included in the affected bargaining units
  • Employers who request personal data (i.e. Social Security number, bank account information) at the time of application
  • Employers who misrepresent their organization by providing dishonest information or omitting critical information
  • Employers who violate the Non-Discrimination policies outlined below

Non-Discrimination Policy
Employers are expected to engage in non-discrimination practices in their recruitment activities, and to follow equal employment opportunity and affirmative action principles as set forth by the University of Washington and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Employers are expected to provide reasonable accommodations upon request.

Employers using the iSchool Career Services will offer regular/base salaries for positions.  A draw against future earnings does not constitute a salary.  Employers offering commission-based positions may post job listings on iCareers provided they are full-time career opportunities.  No commission-based part-time or internship positions will be posted, unless approved by the iSchool Career Services Team on a case-by-case basis.

Fees Charged to Candidates
Employers that require students or alumni to purchase a franchise, purchase supplies, pay for training or orientation, invest or pay a ‘start-up’ or application/access fee as a condition of employment, will not be allowed access to any iSchool Career Services.  Because it is ultimately a student’s decision to participate, organizations are free to recruit UW students through means outside from iSchool Career Services.

Third Party Employers
NACE defines Third Party Employers as “Agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time, or full-time employment opportunities other than their own needs.”  Third Party Employers are eligible to utilize iSchool Career Services but must abide by guidelines outlined below:

  • Third Party agencies who require applicants to pay a fee for services are not eligible to use the iSchool’s Career Services
  • Third Party agencies can never submit an applicant’s resume or job material to an employer or client without written consent from the student

The University of Washington is a non-commercial campus.  Employers are not allowed to recruit for positions whose duties will involve the on-campus sale or promotion of products or services to UW students, faculty or staff (e.g. Campus Brand Ambassadors).

Adult entertainment
Employers may not post any positions related to the adult entertainment industry.

Job Offers & Policies

To provide students with sufficient time to complete their employment search and make well-informed decisions, we ask employers to abide by the timelines outlined below. Failure to follow these policies may be detrimental to our students and may result in limiting employer access to departmental recruiting activities. Please note, these policies apply to employers that have used iSchool resources such as iCareers, the iSchool Career Fair, Information Sessions, and other related iSchool forums to find and source candidates.

Students shall be given a minimum of 2 weeks to decide whether to accept a full-time offer or internship offer, or until the following timelines, whichever is later. Exploding offers and special incentives, such as diminishing bonuses or location preferences, should not be used to encourage early acceptance of an offer. Signing bonuses should be honored whenever a student accepts an offer.

Timelines for Offers and Decisions*

For full-time offers to previous summer interns:

  • Students have until November 30 to make a decision

New offers for full-time positions or interns:

  • Students offered positions during autumn quarter have until November 30 to make a decision
  • Students offered positions in December have until February 15 to make a decision
  • Students offered positions during winter quarter have until February 15 to make a decision
  • Students offered positions during spring quarter have until April 15 to make a decision

Internship offers extended to previous summer interns:

  • Students have until February 15 to make a decision

Employers should be prepared to respond to status inquiries from students within one week of each interview, whether conducted on campus, off campus, or over the phone, for both full-time and internship positions.

*Please note that the time periods above start at the receipt of a written offer for employment to the student.

About This Policy

This policy is designed to be consistent across UW programs where recruiting for technical positions occurs, and mirrors the policy at the UW’s Computer Science and Engineering Department.