Degree Planning

First Year

  • The student, with the assistance of the adviser, constitutes an advisory committee during their second quarter (winter quarter).  Use the Advisory Committee Form to create an advisory committee.
  • Student takes required courses and electives as selected in consultation with his/her adviser.
  • Students, in consultation with the advisory committee, must satisfy the preliminary review in the quarter following the completion of 20 quarter hours of Ph.D. coursework. For a full-time student, this typically occurs during the 3rd quarter of enrollment, spring quarter.
  • The advisory committee reports the outcome of the preliminary review using the Ph.D. Student Review Form.

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year and Onward

  • Once the general exam is passed, students register for INSC 800 and begin work on their dissertation.
  • Most students are expected to have a successful dissertation proposal defense by the end of the winter quarter of their fourth year.
  • Once the student passes their dissertation proposal defense, he/she focuses on completing his/her dissertation and preparing for the final exam.
  • It is generally expected that students successfully defend their dissertation by the end of spring quarter in their fifth year.
  • Students must complete all Ph.D. requirements within 10 years of first admission.

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