Internship Process

The following outlines the requirements and policies needed to successfully complete the internship process:

Complete the first year of the MSIM program

The core courses scheduled in the first year of the MSIM program ensure that you have an adequate foundation of concepts and practices, and additional electives enable you to develop specific skills, so that you can fully engage in your internship experience.

Determine credit amounts (1-4 credits)

IMT 590 may be taken for 1-4 credits, depending on the number of hours the student plans to devote to the internship for the given quarter. In summer quarter, 1-4 credits is acceptable; in other quarters, internships will be 1-2 credits.

  • One (1) credit requires 100 hours
  • Two (2) credits require 200 hours
  • Three (3) credits require 300 hours
  • Four (4) credits require 400 hours

Choose one of the following options:


Confirm internship placement and enter information into iCareers

Students will access the Experiential Learning Initial Survey and Experiential Learning Placement Form via iCareers. Here, you are listing all the information about your internship, including a detailed description of your internship tasks/responsibilities, as well as uploading a copy of your offer letter. This video will explain how to do so. The student will provide their supervisor with the MSIM Internship Information for Supervisors summary sheet. Additionally, both the student and supervisor need to agree to the general guidelines for the internship, as detailed in the MSIM Internship Learning Objectives Agreement. International students should also complete the online CPT application at this time; more information for international students is listed later on this page.

Report progress

At mid-quarter, your supervisor will complete an evaluation on your progress and adjust the LOA if necessary. This completed and digitally signed report is then sent to the IMT 590 faculty chair for review.

Create the final reports

At the end of the internship, you will complete the Final Narrative Report on your experience with the internship and the host site. You may include your evaluation of the host site as well as give feedback on the internship program. This is sent to the IMT 590 faculty chair for review prior to your exit interview.

At the end of the internship, your supervisor will complete the Final Evaluation of your work, determining the completion of your stated objectives in the LOA. The completed and digitally signed evaluation is sent to the IMT 590 faculty chair before the end of the quarter to allow for review and assignment of credit for the IMT 590 course.

For International Students

International students may find employment — work that is compensated by money, tuition, room and board, or other types of compensation — in the U.S. For the Full-Time MSIM program, completion of an internship is not a requirement of the degree, but is strongly recommended. If the internship is compensated and off-campus, you must apply for and obtain work authorization. On-campus paid positions do not require work authorization. There are two types of authorizations:

  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is work that is integral to the program curriculum and available to all qualifying students in your field. Internships would fall into this category. CPT authorization requires that the work must be pertinent to your field of study and that you are registered for an academic credit associated with your work, i.e. IMT 590 Internship.
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT) allows students to gain professional experience in their field of study. OPT is typically done after graduation and it does not require course registration. MSIM is one of the STEM programs that is qualified for the OPT extension of 29 months total.

For more information on CPT/OPT, please visit the International Student Services Office's website.