Degree Planning

Steps to Complete Degree

Once students have been admitted to the major, they typically follow the steps below to complete their degree:

  • Attend Informatics New Student Orientation in the summer
  • Take junior level core courses
    • CSE 143, CSE 373, INFO 340, INFO 343, INFO 360, INFO 380 and INFO 450 
  • Begin applying for internships in autumn quarter (recommended)
  • Declare your major option by spring of junior year (recommended)
  • Begin taking major electives/degree option classes spring of junior year
  • Complete a summer internship (recommended)
  • Take senior level core courses
    • INFO 470, INFO 481, INFO 490, INFO 491
  • Apply to graduate in autumn of senior year
  • Complete Capstone class and present at spring Capstone event
  • Sign up for graduation ceremonies (iSchool Convocation and UW Commencement) and order graduation materials

Students must earn a numerical grade of 2.0 or above in each class used to meet major requirements.

Declaring and Completing an Option

Students can specialize their expertise by completing 4-5 courses in an option beyond the prerequisites and core. An option is an area of study recognized by the UW that appears on the transcript. The Informatics major allows students to choose one of the following options:

  • Data science
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Information architecture
  • Information assurance and cybersecurity

Choosing a degree option is not required. Students may change their degree option at any time but typically file the necessary change of major forms after their spring quarter, so that they are correctly listed in the system prior to applying for graduation the following autumn.