Course Websites for Winter 2017

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INFO Course Websites

Course Website Instructor
INFO 101 A Social Networking Technologies Boiko
INFO 200 A Intellectual Foundations of Informatics Janes
INFO 200 B Intellectual Foundations of Informatics Stearns
INFO 201 A Technical Foundations Ross
INFO 310 A Information Assurance and Cybersecurity McKenna, Savelesky
INFO 310 B Information Assurance and Cybersecurity McKenna
INFO 330 A User Experience and Information Architecture Doane, Dietzler
INFO 344 A Server-side Web Development Wang, Wolfgram
INFO 360 A Design Thinking Yip, Mott
INFO 360 B Design Thinking Yip, Ali
INFO 360 C Design Thinking Ko, Mocherla
INFO 360 D Design Thinking Levine, Yefimova
INFO 362 A Visual Information Design Ostergren, Friedland
INFO 370 A Introduction to Data Science Freeman, Hand, Seth
INFO 380 A Information Systems Analysis and Design Doane
INFO 386 A Professionalism in Informatics Schildkraut, Pletcher
INFO 415 A, B Emerging Topics in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Ewell
INFO 433 A Content Strategy in Information Architecture Weaver
INFO 445 A Advanced Database Design, Management, and Maintenance Hay, Dubey
INFO 448 A Mobile Development: Android Neward, Tseng
INFO 450 A Information Ethics and Policy Hotchkiss
INFO 466 A Immersive Information Environments Hinrichs, Barkovics
INFO 474 A Interactive Information Visualization Hullman, Qu
INFO 474 C Interactive Information Visualization Hullman
INFO 490 A Project Capstone I Park, Yim
INFO 490 B Project Capstone I Faber, Dsouza
INFO 490 C Project Capstone I Martinez, Fawcett
INFO 490 D Project Capstone I Davis, Majid
INFO 498 B Special Topics in Informatics Fling
INFO 498 C Special Topics in Informatics Freeman, Adams
INFO 498 D Special Topics in Informatics Dahya, Menking
INFO 498 E Special Topics in Informatics Ross, Naranjo, Anderson

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