Master of Science in Information Management


Curriculum for the MSIM program is typically delivered in the traditional classroom setting. However, you can take some online courses throughout your degree program, such as information technology courses or special topics courses that are only available online. Learning in various modes, engaging in group work both face-to-face and online, and utilizing various technologies will enhance your ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with others. 

Starting in 2014 for the Full-Time program and 2015 for the Mid-Career program, the curriculum will comprise a set of core courses that establish the breadth of the field and build foundational skills, integrating experiences at the end of each year to provide opportunity to apply theory to real-life contexts. General electives to build management and technical skills as well as electives building depth in focused areas of specialization to round out the program. Note that while internships are not mandatory, they are strongly encouraged for MSIM students as both a means of integrating the knowledge gained in the classroom and of professional development.

Foundational Core Courses

Integrating Courses

General Elective Courses ***

* No "waivers" will be approved for these courses.

** Students may apply for a "waiver" only if they have completed a graduate-level research methods course.

*** In addition to the general elective courses listed here, you can choose from a range of advanced management and technology electives to develop your skills in specific areas.

More Information

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