All applicants who are admitted to the program receive guaranteed funding for at least 4 years.

RA/TA Match for Incoming Ph.D. Students

Financial support includes a tuition waiver and a stipend that comes from a variety of sources including Teaching Assistantship (TA) and Research Assistantship (RA) positions, as well as student grants funded by both the UW and the Information School. You must be a full-time enrolled student (10 credits) to receive financial support. 

In general, matching of a student to an RA or TA position takes place anytime from July-August for incoming Ph.D. students. The process normally includes the following steps:

  1. Faculty with RA positions write a brief description of the project and position requirements. 
  2. The Informatics program chair, with the assistance of Informatics faculty, prepare list of courses needing TA positions for the upcoming academic year with TA skill requirements. 
  3. Incoming students rank their top preferences among research projects and TA positions.
  4. Faculty with RA positions/Informatics chair rank their preferences of incoming students. Faculty rank only students they would actually hire for their positions. If no incoming student has the skill set for a particular RA position, or all incoming students with the appropriate skill set have been assigned to other positions, that position may be posted following normal UW RA posting guidelines.
  5. The PhD program chair, with the assistance of human resources, matches students with RA/TA slots; highest priority matching being 1-1 (student first preference- faculty first preference).

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