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Faculty Affairs

Welcome from the Associate Dean  

The mission of Faculty Affairs is to establish a coherent, respectful, diverse, and joyful intellectual and professional community for the iSchool faculty. A high quality of faculty life is the primary objective. We achieve this by working with faculty and school leadership to support faculty renewal, faculty orientation, the iSchool mentoring program, reappointment and promotion, and periodic review; and by adhering to community-drafted career advancement policies and procedures. We support the review of faculty policies, support the deployment of faculty-led initiatives, and have oversight for faculty data not managed by Research and Academics. We handle details and foster community engagement so that we can excel at our research, teaching, and service missions. 

Current Initiatives  

Faculty Renewal: See open faculty positions at the lecturer, senior lecturer, assistant, associate, and professor ranks. 

iSchool 2018 Initiatives: Read the documentation about the vision for the school in 2018. 

Diversity Initiatives: We are working to build a more inclusive faculty.  See some of our initiatives here.

Career Advancement for Lecturing Faculty: Lecturing faculty form a core part of our school.  See what programs we have in place for career advancement in the lecturing faculty ranks.

Ed Mignon Distinguished Lecture

Each year, the Ed Mignon Distinguished Lecture in Information Science features a speaker on current events, policies, controversies, or issues in the information and technology fields. Our goal is to inspire original thinking and foster creativity among students, faculty and researchers at the Information School. Learn more and read about past lecturers.

Recent Past Initiatives    

Faculty Renewal: See our recent hires at the iSchool.

iSchool 2015 Initiative #2: See how the faculty worked with school leadership to align faculty work with resources.

Faculty Affairs Team    

Joe TennisAssociate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Joseph T. Tennis, Ph.D., is responsible for high quality of faculty life, successful faculty search and renewal, faculty onboarding, and integration, and reports to the Dean of the iSchool. The associate dean coordinates faculty mentorship and works closely with the Elected Faculty Council, Personnel Committee and Human Resources.   

Ai Nguyen

Administrative Specialist, Alicia Supernavage, provides administrative support and project management to the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs as well as administrative assistance to the Elected Faculty Council.

Jan Boyd

Faculty Data Services Specialist, Jan K. Boyd, serves as administrator for the iSchool's online database of faculty activities, Activity Insight, and supervises Faculty Support Graduate Student Assistants (GAs), who provide support to iSchool faculty in their research and professional service activities.