Scholarships & Funding

Conference Funding

iSchool Ph.D. students may request funding to off-set costs for participating in professional conferences. Priority for funding is awarded to students who are presenting peer-reviewed papers or posters, serving as an invited speaker at major national or international conferences, or participating in a Doctoral Consortium/Seminar. In addition to iSchool funds, Ph.D. students can be considered for the Graduate School Fund for Excellence and Innovation Travel Awards. These funds are automatically requested on your behalf when you submit your Conference Funding Request Form.

Conference Funding Request Form (PhD)
Travel Reimbursement Form (all programs)

Dissertation Funding

Once the general exam is passed, iSchool Ph.D. students can request funds to support their dissertation research. These funds are available to help offset the costs of research expenses and may be used to pay for such things as transcription of interviews, financial incentives (i.e., gift cards) for interview participants, or travel specifically related to dissertation research.

Ph.D. students may request up to $500 a year for a total of a $1000 of funding toward their dissertation research. Dissertation funding requests are reviewed by the Ph.D. program committee for approval.

Dissertation Funding Request

UW Graduate School Fellowships

There are a number of fellowships administered by the UW Graduate School for which iSchool Ph.D. students are eligible.  In cases where the iSchool must nominate a student for the fellowship, Ph.D. students follow the iSchool Ph.D. Fellowship Nomination Process.