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Recorded Sessions

Watch these recorded sessions of our iCareers events via our Adobe Connect web conferencing platform. And check out upcoming iCareers events

Becoming Your Own Boss

Length: 1:00:12

Former iSchool student Danny Dover discusses how today's students can use the unprecedented leverage of technology to live unprecedented lives. The lecture covers under-utilized financial strategies, productivity tips, freelancing as a career option, digital nomad trends, and, most importantly, a practical look at love in our ever-changing world.

In 2010, Dover created a "life list" of 150 things to do by a self-imposed deadline of May 25, 2017. The list included goals like becoming a published author, running a marathon, starting a company, being on a talk show, and even living in the wilderness for a month. He was tired of hearing about others' exciting lives and decided to jump-start his own life as if the end was in sight. In 2017, Danny completed his life list. Along the way, he accomplished some extraordinary things -- more importantly, though, he developed deep friendships and has been able to share his experiences with others. For more information on Danny, check out his blog.

Adulting 101

Length: 51:02

This workshop focuses on some basic life skills helpful for navigating the post-graduation landscape.

Guest speaker Almeera Anwar, coordinator at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's HR Global Operations team, discusses a variety of HR and finance-related subjects. Topics include interviewing and negotiating an offer, employment contracts, compensation plans and investing, health benefits, performance reviews, and showing up for your first day on the job

iSchool Professional Development Panel: PMs (Project, Program, and Product Management) 

Length: 1:27:05
Ever wonder what a PM at a technology company actually does? Curious about the difference between project, program, and product management? Want to know what competencies employers look for during the PM hiring process? Listen to this recording of our informational panel to learn answers to these questions and more. This panel includes a variety of PMs from different companies and features a moderated set of questions, and then opens up to Q&A from students.

Panelists include:

• Elton Dias, Program Manager/Service Owner at Microsoft WDG Universal Store (MSIM 2015)
• Katie Westlake, Sr. Project Manager in Network Engineering at Wave Broadband (MLIS 2013)
• Jennifer Maurer, Project Manager at Decisive Data (INFO 2015)
• Fernando Centurion, Technical Product Manager at Adobe (MSIM 2016)
• Mike Warady, Sr. Technical Program Manager at Tableau (UW MBA 2012)

UW International Student Services OPT Session (for iSchool students)

Length: 46:15

Listen as Kathy Wong with UW International Student Services gives a presentation on Optional Practical Training (OPT) which provides F-1 students with an opportunity for hands-on work experience related to related to their academic field of study (Information Science, Library Science, Information Management, Informatics). Watch this session to find information on eligibility requirements, instructions on how and when to apply for OPT, the STEM OPT Extension (for MSIM, INFO, and PhD students), and more. This is targeted for students graduating in the 2016-17 academic year.

Find additional information regarding OPT here

Don't be Awkward

Length: 39:34
Follow along as Career Advisor Dean Kirkpatrick presents the sixth annual Don't be Awkward networking workshop for iSchool students. This event will provide you with strategies for interacting with professionals in a confident, charismatic manner. We'll also help you craft the perfect 30-second elevator pitch for making lasting impressions.

Interview Workshop

Length: 38:39

Interviewing doesn't need to be a nerve-racking experience. You'll leave this workshop armed with the tools necessary to make a strong impression on potential employers and tackle behavioral interview questions. To follow along with Dean Kirkpatrick during the interview quiz, you can find the interview questions here.

Using the LinkedIn “Find Alumni” Tool

Length: 8:31

In this short video tutorial, Dean Kirkpatrick demonstrates how you can find UW iSchool alumni on LinkedIn to learn about what companies hire iSchool grads, typical career progression, and how to use this tool to increase your network at targeted organizations.

Social Media — Developing Your Online Presence

Length: 40:18

We’ve all heard about using LinkedIn for professional networking, but what about other social media platforms? Listen in as Dean Kirkpatrick, iSchool Career Advisor, discusses best practices for using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help you highlight (and hide) information to professional connections.

iSchool Career Services Hosts Danny Dover

Length: 1:06:30

Former iSchool student Danny Dover discusses how today’s students can use the unprecedented leverage of technology to live unprecedented lives. The discussion includes underutilized financial concepts, productivity tips, freelancing as a career option, current Digital Nomad trends and, most importantly, a practical look at love in our ever-changing world.

Adulting 101

Length: 1:45:30

This workshop focuses on basic life skills that students will need as they begin to navigate life as a working professional. This presentation is broken into two parts:
• Spending Money Wisely (0:00-: 52:14): Listen as Professor Dave Stearns talks about making a budget, what you should know about personal finance, building credit, compounding interest and other basic financial advising tips.
• Employment Basics- HR (53:26-1:45:30): Almeera Anwar, Coordinator at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s HR Global Operations Team, discusses a variety of HR basics: interviewing and negotiating an offer, employment contracts, compensation plans, health benefits, performance reviews, and showing up for your first day on the job.

Research Panel for Informatics Students

Length: 50:11

Interested in pursuing research as a current UW INFO student? How about after graduation? Considering getting your Ph.D.? Check out our research panel for Informatics students to see what opportunities in research can do for you both as a student and after graduation. Tune in to hear great advice from several panelists active in research.

Negotiation Workshop

Length: 28:58
Whether you already have a job or internship lined up or you anticipate obtaining one, negotiation skills are important to leverage. These communications can start as early as before the interview, to 6 months into your job when you are looking for a raise. Salary can be an awkward topic that will eventually find its way into your conversations, but did you know you can negotiate other things too? Check out this recording with Dean Kirkpatrick so you can be prepared to negotiate when the conversation strikes.

Navigating a Career Fair

Length: 39:57
Listen to Alycia McKenzie, iSchool Career Adviser, as she teaches you how to best prepare for the Employer Connections Fair! Hear valuable advice on how to talk to employers, how to get more information about companies that are attending, and what to do to help yourself stand out.

Finding Your First Job

Length: 51:41

Hear from three former MLIS students as they share about their post-graduate and career experiences.

Jump-Starting Your Career Search

Length: 50:58

Fall is always a great time to start your career search. Whether you are looking for an internship, directed fieldwork or your first professional position, check out this workshop to learn about the steps you can take to help you find your dream position.

Cover Letter Mini Workshop

Length 12:01
Listen as Dean Kirkpatrick shares a short presentation on the basics of writing cover letters.

Resume Tips for iSchool Students

Length 9:52

Check out this short video on resume tips specifically for iSchool students.

Contract Consulting Careers Panel

Length: 46:53

Hear what representatives from local consulting companies have to say about contract positions and what it's like working in a contract consulting job.

Negotiate Your Salary

Length: 40:49

Listen as Dean Kirkpatrick, one of the iSchool Career Advisers, presents on steps to use to effectively negotiate your salary.

NCSU Libraries Fellows

Length: 52:49

North Carolina State University‘s short presentation about their fellowship program, including a short Q&A session.

How to Plan Without a Plan

Length: 46:36

Janet discusses some general cover letter exercises, and talk about how to move forward when the future isn’t as clear as you’d like it to be.

Freelancing Workshop

Length: 54:10

Learn how you can “freelance” your skills as a programmer, web developer, content strategist, designer, writer, and more. Presented by Janet with guests who have thriving freelancing businesses in various aspects of technology.

Cover Letters for Academic Library Positions

Length: 54:45

Your cover letter is read much more carefully than your resume, and it's your opportunity to shine. This hands-on workshop will deliver best practices and tips to writing cover letters for academic librarian positions. Presented by iSchool alumni Deb Raftus and Eli Gandour-Rood.

Business Casual

Length: 38:16

What is “business casual” dress? Do you have to wear a blazer and do sandals count? What if you work for a startup? Answer these and other pressing fashion questions at this workshop.