Master of Library and Information Science

Law Librarianship

The Law Librarianship program within the Master of Library and Information Science program is designed to prepare lawyers to serve as law librarians in courts, federal and state units of government, law schools, corporations, and firms. Attorneys enrolled in the program will earn the MLIS degree with a specialization in Law Librarianship after successful completion of 41 quarter credit hours. The program is ranked #1 in the country by U.S News & World Report.

The Law MLIS program delivers its curriculum in a traditional classroom setting and therefore is not available for students in online format. Likewise, the Law MLIS degree requirements differ from the residential and online MLIS programs.

The program is a sequential 12 months, beginning in autumn quarter and ending the following summer quarter. Although certain courses may be taken during the immediately preceding summer quarter, the sequential nature of the Law MLIS program requires students to remain throughout the full 12-month period. The program follows the UW Academic Calendar.

Degree Requirements

The average course load in the program is 12 credits per quarter. Ten credits per quarter is the minimum for students who need to meet certain financial aid requirements. The coursework consists of the following:

1. Core Curriculum (21 credits)

  • LIS 510 Information Behavior (3 credits)
  • LIS 520 Information Resources, Services, and Collections (4 credits)
  • LIS 526 Government Publications (3 credits)
  • LIS 530 Organization of Information and Resources (4 credits)
  • LIS 587 Library Technology Systems (4 credits, fulfills the Information Technology core course for Law MLIS students)
  • Choose from a menu of social/ethical issues courses (3 credits)

2. Law Librarianship Courses (16 credits)

  • LIS 592 Legal Research II (4 credits)
  • LIS 593 Selection and Processing of Law Library Materials (3 credits)
  • LIS 594 Law Library Administration (4 credits)
  • LIS 595 Current Issues in Law Librarianship (5 credits)

3. LIS 590 Directed Fieldwork  (4 credits)

4. Law MLIS students culminating experience project will be a paper and presentation produced during spring quarter as part of LIS 595, Current Issues in Law Librarianship.

Law Library Intern Program

A unique experience offered by the Law MLIS Program is the internship rotation. This program provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable paid job experience during the school year while working in reference services, access services, and technical services departments of Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library. Although each internship varies, Law Library interns at Gallagher typically work ten hours per week.

More Information

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For further information, contact the Law Librarianship program Director (who also serves as faculty adviser to all Law Librarianship students): 
Richard Jost