Bachelor of Science in Informatics

Informatics Undergraduate Program

Informatics students drive innovation as they explore the intersection of technology and human values. Their passion for analyzing and solving problems is reflected in the creativity they bring to the design and creation of information systems, user interfaces, mobile technologies and social media. In the Informatics program, students learn how to:

  • Design and build systems that are effective and easy to use
  • Design the information architecture necessary to store and access repositories of information
  • Analyze national and global information policy
  • Assure the security and integrity of information systems

Informatics students find the major is less about narrowing options than expanding possibilities in their careers and in their lives. Informatics draws upon areas such as computer science, information science, sociology, psychology, design and information management. As a result, graduates are well-rounded information and technology professionals with the ability to apply their knowledge to positively impact organizations, their communities and society.