International Students

Admissions for International Applicants

An international student is defined as any person who is not a U.S. citizen or a U.S. Permanent Resident, and requires a visa to be in the U.S. This includes individuals who have visas with the designation F1, J1, H4, etc.

There are no separate application requirements or procedures for international applicants. Please follow the same application process and submit the same materials as instructed. 

Non-native English speakers should review the requirements on the additional application materials page and the UW English Language proficiency requirements in UW Grad School Memo 8.

The UW Graduate School is the governing body that oversees graduate admissions at the University of Washington. For the purposes of applying to a graduate program, applicants do not need to send any materials to the UW Graduate School. However, international applicants admitted to the program may be required to submit additional materials, such as financial ability documentation. For more information, please refer to the UW Graduate School's FAQ on international students