After the successful completion of the final examination, the candidate has 60 days to submit a dissertation to the Graduate School. If the 60-day time period expires, another final examination may be required.

Registration as a graduate student is required the quarter that a final examination is taken and the quarter the dissertation is submitted and the degree is conferred.
Under certain circumstances, students may submit the final copy of the dissertation to the Graduate School the quarter after the dissertation is defended without being registered by paying the Graduate Registration Waiver Fee.

Within 60 days of the defense, the candidate submits (in addition to the copies submitted to the Graduate School) one paper copy and one PDF version of the final dissertation to Student Services, and one copy to each member of the committee.

To ensure that the dissertation meets a high level of quality, the supervisory committee must implement a quality assurance process.  For additional details see the supervisory committee policy.

Dissertation Format

The format of the dissertation is determined by the candidate and the supervisory committee. While the Graduate School does not enforce any particular style, they do provide guidelines and policies. 

Dissertation Submission and Publication

Submission of the dissertation to the Graduate School must occur before the 60 days expire. Submission occurs in person and by appointment scheduled at least two weeks prior to when the dissertation is submitted. 

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