Degree Final Project: Capstone

The Degree Final Project for MLIS students is completed via a Capstone project.  The Capstone experience involves identifying an information problem in a real-world setting and developing the means to address it. Capstone projects can be research-oriented or design-oriented. Solutions are typically interactive, meaning the end product is something that can be implemented and used.

Goals for the Capstone experience include:

  • Define the information problem or opportunity
  • Determine what techniques to use to master this information problem or opportunity
  • Synthesize all aspects of the information problem; integrate people, technology and information
  • Make a positive difference for the community; be it a business, school, library, hospital, or other organization
  • Choose a topic or focus you are passionate about

The Capstone course involves the following components:

  • INFX 595 Capstone I (2 credits)
    • Analysis and preliminary design of an approved individual or group research or implementation project demonstrating professional-level knowledge and skills.
    • Taken in winter quarter.
  • INFX 596 Capstone II (3 credits)
    • Implementation of a project demonstrating professional-level knowledge and skills based on a project plan developed in INFX 595.
    • Prerequisite: INFX 595.
    • Taken in spring quarter.

Capstone is celebrated in an event in late May/early June, featuring oral and written presentations.  View Capstone archives, including past event programs.

Information Sessions

Capstone Information Sessions take place each autumn and spring.  Info sessions generally cover how to decide on a project, identify a sponsor, and form a team; human subjects considerations; and how to prepare for the start of the Capstone course.  In addition, student groups and outside organizations host Capstone sessions to promote potential sponsorships and projects.

More Information 

For specific details about Capstone guidelines, information about locating a team or project sponsor, and more, current MLIS students should visit the Capstone section of the MLIS Student Resources Canvas site.