Faculty Experts

Depending on your organizational needs, the Affiliates relationship manager will connect you with the right faculty expert to discuss ways to collaborate through joint-projects or research sponsorships.

Here are a few of the information areas currently covered by the iSchool:

  • Content management projects help plan, verify and implement enterprise-wide content management systems that get essential content in front of site users. Bob Boiko is a faculty expert.
  • Search improves information retrieval from a variety of sources. Faculty have developed new models for user searching behavior, query formulation and refining, query expansion, and evaluation and how to apply these models to search systems. Joe Janes is a faculty expert.
  • Human-computer interaction (HCI) research has improved mobile interface design, software development and children’s developmental health. Jacob Wobbrock, Wanda Pratt and Andy Ko are faculty experts.
  • Measuring impact is an important component of organizational work. The iSchool developed an online tool enabling public libraries to collect patron level data about the use and impact of providing free access to computers and the Internet. A website provided libraries with the tools and instruction for putting their survey results to use. What was learned from this project can potentially be applied to any organization who wants to measure the impact of their work. Mike Crandall and Karen Fisher are faculty experts.
  • Knowledge organization is a key factor in providing effective access to information in any organization. Understanding how to describe, arrange, and define your knowledge consistent with international standards can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your information systems.  Joe Tennis, Allyson Carlyle, Bob Boiko, and Mike Crandall are faculty experts in this area.

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