Affiliates Program

Employers, Welcome to the iAffiliates Program!

The iAffiliates program is an iSchool strategic initiative designed to connect community partners with iSchool faculty, researchers and students in a variety of ways, such as exchanging information and collaborating on major research projects. Partnering with the iSchool gives you access to top faculty, researchers and students.

iAffiliates members who support the iSchool with a financial contribution are eligible for Premium status. Premium Partners create an individualized engagement plan to connect with faculty and students in order to create impactful and meaningful engagement strategies that promote participation in our learning community, recruiting of our students and investing in the future of the iSchool. Premium iAffiliates members receive additional benefits, such as invitations to exclusive events and recognition at iSchool activities, along with a tailored engagement plan.

Program Benefits for all iAffiliates:

  • Sponsor a capstone project, internships, and directed fieldwork
  • Post opportunities to iCareers and host information sessions
  • Get access to faculty
  • Attend iSchool events
    • iAffiliates Day
    • Research Fair
    • Employer Connections Fair
  • iConsult Program (fee-based) - Propose research initiatives that address business or organizational challenges and have iSchool faculty and students develop solutions

Premium Benefits:

  • iAffiliates Day: free parking, brand recognition, acknowledgement
  • Research Fair Pre-Reception: individual meetings with students
  • Resume Books
  • Priority Access to propose Capstones
  • Advisory Boards
  • Employer Connection Fair priority registration
  • 2 seats at Dean’s Club Dinner

Partnership Levels:

  • iSchool Premium iAffiliates Program membership levels, 2016-17:
  • Individual iAffiliates Partner — $1,000
  • Small Business (includes startups, non-profits and government agencies) iAffiliates Partner — $5,000
  • Medium Business iAffiliates Partner — $10,000
  • Large Business iAffiliates Partner — $20,000

iAffiliates membership is valid for one year from date of contribution. Payment can be made online or contact us for more information and alternative payment methods.

To learn more, or to ask questions about the program, contact us at