PhD in Information Science


The aim of the teaching and research practica components of the Ph.D. is to provide opportunities for students to develop as researchers and teachers.

You will have the opportunity to contribute to the research culture of the School through involvement in research projects where the principal investigator is a member of the iSchool faculty. Students take on various roles in the research process, gradually developing from contributions such as literature reviewing, data collection, and organization to analysis of data, proposal writing, research design, prototype development, and testing and reporting of research outcomes. You will also work with a range of faculty members and experience a variety of different approaches, methods, and perspectives.

The teaching practica is designed to provide students with opportunities to develop as teachers. The practica may be supported by a formal course in educational theory and practice, taken as an elective. You will begin the teaching practica as teaching assistants and develop to a point where you can assume responsibility for the teaching and evaluation of a master’s or undergraduate level course.