Jevin West

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Assistant Professor
Office: Mary Gates Hall 310E
Phone: 206.543.2646


  • Data Science
  • Network Science
  • Scholarly Communication

Current Quarter Teaching


Jevin West builds models, algorithms and interactive visualizations for understanding the flow of information in large knowledge networks. Two particular areas of interest are scholarly communication and intellectual property. Jevin co-founded ( -- a free website and research platform for mapping science and identifying influential papers, journals and scholars. He is also a member of DataLab, the nexus for research on Data Science and Analytics at the UW iSchool.


  • Ph D, Biology, University of Washington, 2010


  • Association for Information Science and Technology

Areas of Expertise

Publications and Contributions


  • "An information theoretic approach for hierarchically clustering large acyclic graphs" (2017)
    American Mathematical Society
  • "Are Trolls Good (At Choosing Valuable Patents)?" (2017)
    PAE Reform Symposium, Stanford Law School
  • "BS in Science" (2017)
    Northwest Science Writers Associations
  • "Calling BS Workshop" (2017)
    Lakeside High School
  • "Data Literacy" (2017)
    Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Arizona State University
  • "From measuring science to facilitating science" (2017)
    European KnoweScape Conference
  • "Assessing the impact of research funding" (2016)
    International Conference on Science of Science
  • "Combining Citation Networks and Interviews to Generate Narrative Visualizations of Scholars' Careers" (2016)
    iConference 2016
  • "Digital history from the perspective of a data scientist" (2016)
    Chemical Heritage Foundation
  • "Diversity and Gender in Scholarly Publishing" (2016)
    Ohio State University
  • "Diversity and Gender in Scholarly Publishing" (2016)
    Ohio State University
  • "Facilitating discovery with zoomable maps" (2016)
    Allen Institute for Article Intelligence
  • "From measuring science to facilitating science" (2016)
    Fourth Annual Knowescape Conference
  • "Gender and self-citation across fields and over time" (2016)
    Women in Genome Sciences
  • "Mapping the Emergence of Scientific Disciplines" (2016)
    International Symposium on Advanced Future Studies, Kyoto University
  • "Measuring and Messaging Research Outcomes" (2016)
    Health Research Alliance Annual Meeting
  • "Ranking and Mapping Science" (2016)
    International Conference on Data-driven Discovery: Data Science Meets Information Science
  • "Science of Science" (2016)
    International Symposium on Science of Science
  • "The Data Gold Rush in Science Education" (2016)
    International Symposium on Advanced Future Studies, Kyoto University
  • "The Science of Science" (2016)
    Fred Hutch Annual Retreat
  • "Visualizing Knowledge Flows" (2016)
    NSF Workshop: Can Network Measures Serve as Indicators of Knowledge Creation and Flow?
  • "An experimental platform for testing recommendation types" (2015)
    37th European Conference on Information Retrieval
  • "Career Panel- Career Paths for Information Management Students" (2015)
    Information School MSIM program
  • "Data Cartography: Managing Knowledge Networks" (2015)
    SKKU Library and Information Science Distinguished Lecture Series
  • "Data Cartography: using maps to navigate knowledge networks" (2015)
    Machine Learning Seminar Series, Duke University
  • "Data Science Education" (2015)
    SciFoo, Google
  • "DataLab at UW iSchool" (2015)
    Big Data, Technology Alliance
  • "Finding Cultural Holes: How structure and culture diverge in networks of scholarly communication" (2015)
    Santa Fe Institute Colloquium
  • "Gender Differences in Scholarly Self Citation" (2015)
    Social-Personality Psychology Seminar
  • "Mapping Knowledge Networks" (2015)
    Cisco Data Science
  • "Mapping patent citation networks" (2015)
    LegalTech, ALM Conferences
  • "Measuring patent value using citation networks" (2015)
    The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, Stanford University
  • "Measuring the Influence of the Pew Biomedical Program" (2015)
    Pew Biomedical Scholars Program
  • "Measuring the speciation, diversification and extinction of ideas in science" (2015)
    Metaknowledge Network
  • "Scholarly Recommendation" (2015)
    Metaknowledge Research Network, University of Chicago
  • "The Academic Advantage: Gender disparities in patenting" (2015)
  • "The Economics and Structure of Scholarly Publishing " (2015)
    Group Health Research Seminar
  • "Using Visual Metaphor in Interactive Visualization to Improve Navigation of Complex Data Sets" (2015)
    University of Washington Information School Research Fair
  • "Visualizing hierarchical networks" (2015)
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • "An Analysis of the Complete United States Patent Citation Network" (2014)
    PatCon 4: The Annual Patent Conference
  • "Big Data is not a monolith" (2014)
    Big Data is Not a Monolith workshop
  • "Curation and Policy Issues in Collaborative Research Data Management" (2014)
  • "Data Cartography: using maps to navigate knowledge networks " (2014)
    Leeds School of Business and Analyze Boulder Present: Boulder Analytics Fellows
  • "Data Science Environment" (2014)
    Moore/Sloan Data Science Environment Annual Summit
  • "DataLab: developing a student-centered data science lab" (2014)
    Microsoft Faculty Summit, iSchools Summit
  • "Detecting Innovation in Patents" (2014)
    Gruter Institute For Law & Behavioral Research, Gruter Institute
  • "Evaluating patents from large open data sets" (2014)
    United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • "Finding Cultural Holes: How Structure and Culture Diverge in Networks of Scholarly Communication" (2014)
    The UW Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences (CSSS) Seminar Series
  • "Mapping Institutional Impact" (2014)
    Gordon Research Conference on Science and Technology Policy
  • "Mapping Student Trajectories" (2014)
    UW Graduate School
  • "Measuring the scholarly literature" (2014)
  • "Modifying the Eigenfactor Algorithm for improving interpretability" (2014)
    ASIS&T Workshop on Metrics
  • "The flow of ideas from the non-patent literature to the patent literature" (2014)
    4th Annual TechMining Conference, VP Institute
  • "The Three Patent Cultures: A Comparative Analysis of Utility, Design, and Plant Patent Citation Networks" (2014)
    Intellectual Property Scholars Conference, UC Berkeley School of Law
  • "Using maps to navigate large, hierarchical networks" (2014)
    Biomedical & Health Informatics (BHI) Lecture Series, University of Washington
  • "Article-level navigators" (2013)
    Article-level Metrics Workshop, Public Library of Science
  • "Article-level Navigators" (2013)
    Journals and Science: The past, present and future impacts of research journals on science, National Science Communication Institute
  • "Data Cartography" (2013)
    Indiana University
  • "Document discovery" (2013)
    UW Aquatic and Fishery Science Seminar
  • "Innovation in Science" (2013)
    Innovation and Growth: Biological, Economic, Institutional and Technological, Gruter Institute For Law & Behavioral Research
  • "Publishing and Perishing in the Twenty-First Century" (2013)
    Faculty Summit, Microsoft Research
  • "The Eigenfactor Metrics" (2013)
    International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE)
  • "The genesis of scientific disciplines" (2013)
    Association for Information Science and Technology Annual Conference 2013
  • "The role of gender in Scholarly Authorship" (2013)
    Genome Sciences Seminar, University of Washington
  • "Using maps to navigate knowledge networks" (2013)
    National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center
  • "The Growth of Growth Economics" (2012)
    Workshop on Growth, Gruter Institute For Law and Behavioral Research, Stanford University