iSchool adds second Informatics admissions cycle

Students wishing to major in Informatics now have two opportunities each year to apply to the University of Washington Information School’s program. The iSchool has added a second annual round of admissions beginning with the spring 2020 cycle.

The second admissions cycle will give transfer applicants and current UW students greater ability to complete the prerequisite courses and receive decisions on their applications in a timely manner. It does not, however, increase the total number of students admitted to the program each year.

Upcoming Informatics application deadlines are April 3 to begin the program in autumn 2020, and Oct. 2 to begin in winter 2021. Students must complete all prerequisite courses before applying to the program.

Transfer applicants also need to complete a separate UW transfer application by the specified deadline; upcoming deadlines are Feb. 15 for autumn 2020 and Sept. 1 for winter 2021.

Also beginning in 2020, applicants are allowed to apply to the Informatics major a maximum of two times. For this reason, applicants are encouraged to apply only when they have fulfilled all the prerequisites and feel they can present a strong application. Applications submitted prior to 2020 and applications for freshman direct admission do not apply to the two-attempt limit.

Visit our Informatics admissions section or see our FAQ for more details.