New faculty bring diverse expertise to the iSchool

The Information School has six new faculty, including three tenure-track faculty starting in the fall and three lecturers who are already teaching at the school.

Miranda Belarde-Lewis (UW), Native North American Indigenous Knowledge, Assistant Professor
Belarde-Lewis’s research focuses on intellectual property and protection of indigenous knowledge. She has authored articles on Indigenous ontologies and Indigenous people, activism and social media. She is a founding member of the Indigenous Information Research Group and a past president of the Native Organization of Indigenous Scholars at UW.

Alexis Hiniker (UW), HCI for Social Good, Assistant Professor
Hiniker is an HCI researcher and full-stack developer creating new technologies to foster well-being. She uses mixed methods to understand how people use interactive systems and build new technologies designed to reduce users' vulnerability and increase their sense of self-efficacy and empowerment. She specializes in children's technology and conducts many of her studies with preschoolers and their families.

Anna Lauren Hoffmann (UC Berkeley), Data Ethics, Assistant Professor
Hoffmann is a scholar and writer working at the intersections of data, technology, culture, and ethics. She researches and writes on issues in information, data, identity, and ethics, with particular attention to the ways in which discourses and design of technology, information systems, and big data can promote or hinder important human values like respect and justice. Beyond her scholarly research and publications, she actively contributes to broader public discussions of ethics, information, data, social media, identity and privacy. For nearly a decade, she has been teaching information technology ethics, as well foundational concepts in information, media and culture. More recently, her teaching has centered on ethical and political concerns for data scientists and researchers.

Greg Hay (UW), Database Management, Lecturer
Hay specializes in indexing, data modeling, and systems design and implementation. He has taught INFO 340 Introduction to Relational Database Management Systems, INFO 445 Advanced Database Design, Management and Maintenance, INFO 495 Internship in Informatics and INFO 499 Independent Study.

Laura Schildkraut (NYU), Professionalism and Women in Technology, Lecturer
Schildkraut’s primary focus is on leveraging information technology and diversity to strengthen communication, teamwork, management and leadership skills to facilitate professional success. She specializes in management of information systems, project management and user studies. She has taught INFO 102 Gender and Information Technology and INFO 386 Professionalism in Informatics.

Richard Sturman (RMIT), Information Systems Analysis and Design, Lecturer
Sturman specializes in user-centered design, systems analysis and design, and product development. He has taught IMT 541 Enterprise Information Systems Analysis and Design and INFO 380 Information Systems Analysis and Design.