2013 iSchool Convocation celebrates achievement and community

For the more than 300 graduates of the UW Information School, the ceremony on Sunday, June 16, was a time to celebrate with friends and family and receive well-earned recognition from faculty and staff.

The Convocation keynote address was given by Kris Kutchera, iSchool founding board member and chief information officer, Alaska Airlines. Michael Eisenberg, iSchool professor and dean emeritus, gave the closing remarks and Matthew Saxton, Associate Dean of Academics, served as master of ceremonies.

The 2013 graduating class included the largest number of Ph.D.s in iSchool history. The degree programs and their approximate graduation numbers include:

B.S. in Informatics: 102
Master of Library and Information Science with Law: 8
Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS): 147
Master of Science in Information Management (MSIM): 79
Ph.D. in Information Science: 8

Awards presented from the graduating students in each program to one of their own:

21st Century Award for MLIS was given to Violet Fox.
Eisenberg Award for Informatics was given to Ross Hattori, outgoing president of the Informatics Undergraduate Association.
Archer Award for MSIM was given to Suzann Parker.

Awards presented by faculty to graduating students:
Ruth Worden Award for Student Excellence in Library and Information Science: Elliott J. Gandour-Rood (pictured above with professors Trent Hill, left, and Joe Janes, right). 
From his nomination letter: “When we refer to our students as 'student colleagues,' I think we have someone like Eli in the back of our minds, because he truly blurs the distinction between two groups. Given the overall quality of his cohort – which is the best I’ve worked with in thirteen years – this is saying a lot.”

Faculty Award for Student Excellence in Informatics: Bryan Dosono.
From his nomination letter: “Bryan has been recognized by the UW with the following honors:  UW President’s Achievement Award, UW Homecoming King, UW Presidential Scholar, McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Scholar. Bryan has been a co-author on three papers and has worked with iSchool faculty on their research, most recently with Professor Gomez. Bryan has received several fellowships including: the Google Policy Fellowship, Syracuse University Doctoral Fellowship, McNair Graduate Fellowship, Ellis Civic Fellowship. Some of his key service activities include: Informatics Program Committee Student Representative 2011-2012, President of the UW United Greek Council 2011-2013, UW Ethnic Cultural Center Resource Center Archivist.”

Faculty Award for Student Excellence in Information Management: Mike Katell
From his nomination letter: “In addition to balancing work and school as an MSIM mid-career student, Mike Katell was elected by his peers to the MSIM Program Committee and has become a valued member. He is able to synthesize and clarify what is being discussed and asks thoughtful questions that drive decision-making and keep students’ interests at the forefront of the committee.  Elected to the MSIM Program Committee by students, appointed to Research Committee because of personal interest, presented at iConference on justice, involved in many community organizations related to the justice system. A thoughtful and frequent contributor to discussions about the program, and a leader among his classmates.”

See photographs from Convocation 2013 on the iSchool Facebook page.