Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

General Academic and Student Conduct Policies

The Information School encourages an environment of academic integrity and mutual respect that is tolerant, inclusive and supportive of the educational goals of all its members.  As a member of the iSchool and UW learning community, students are expected to follow the expectations identified in the University of Washington Student Conduct Code. The Student Conduct code oversees both academic and behavioral conduct of students.

Academic Misconduct

The essence of academic life revolves around respect for the ideas of others, and also their rights as to how those ideas are attributed and shared. All forms of academic dishonesty are considered academic misconduct and not tolerated by the iSchool. This includes violating instructor directions to students or cheating on class assignments or exams, plagiarism, or more severe offenses, such as theft or alteration of academic materials. All incidents of alleged academic misconduct are reported to the associate dean for academics who will investigate the situation. Academic misconduct reviews will adhere to the policies outlined in the Student Conduct Code and managed by the Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct.

Behavioral Misconduct

iSchool students are expected to act with integrity, respect the rights of others, and conduct themselves in a professional manner. Behavioral misconduct is not tolerated in the iSchool and any violations of UW policy are reported to the Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct for investigation. Misconduct that is a violation of state or federal law is reported to the University police.

Continuation Policy for the Informatics Major
This document details what constitutes satisfactory progress toward a degree.

General University of Washington Policies and Procedures
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Resources for the UW Graduate School
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Specific Academic Policies