Advising & Support

Additional Advising Support

Professional Development Panels, Employer Sessions and Advising Events

Professional Development Panels occur twice a quarter and feature professionals and/or faculty who can provide insight into specific areas of their professions.  These allow students to gain knowledge of particular information fields and will help answer the question of "what can I do with my degree?"  

Employer Sessions occur multiple times a quarter when an employer comes to campus to share more information about their specific organization/company.  This is a great opportunity to inquire about job and internship opportunities, share your resume, network, and learn about the greater professional world.

Academic and career advisers often host workshops, information sessions, and larger advising sessions for current students. Topics may include degree planning, internship or fieldwork prep, Capstone, networking, resume development, skills and strengths building, etc.  These events occur multiple times a quarter and are your chance to better connect with your adviser, peers, and gain valuable information on progressing through your degree and career.   

Look for these events posted on the iSchool website, in iCareers, and/or announced via email.

Engaging With Faculty

Students are encouraged to build relationships with many of the iSchool faculty by visiting them during office hours, inquiring about their research or areas of knowledge, talking with them about the classes they teach, or attending any of their speaking engagements/presentations. Students are encouraged to take initiative in reaching out to faculty directly.

Peer Support

A popular method of support that has developed organically at the iSchool is peer-to-peer. Many student groups host meetings where they discuss suggested course choices, research areas, professional development, etc. They also often host events that range from featuring professionals in the field to community-building social activities.  Sometimes the best advice can be passed on between students. See a list of student organizations.

Professional Organizations and Mentors

Students are encouraged to join professional organizations as soon as they begin their degree program. Professional organizations offer career development support, insight into the field, networking opportunities, and mentorship from other members. If you are still identifying your area of interest in the information profession, join a wide range of professional organizations to help you learn more about different fields.