Data for Social Good

At the iSchool, we believe that data can improve people's lives.  We are, therefore, pioneering a new type of Data Science that focuses intensely on the human, social side of data, including: data about people, the social construction of data, the ethical use and protection of data, and how such data can be used in effective decision-making and policy.  We are committed to making data work for the betterment of society.  

Our strategic focus on “Data for Social Good” will catalyze existing iSchool faculty expertise in Data Science and related fields — including computational social science, data ethics, data curation, information visualization, data-driven design, business analytics, information retrieval, and knowledge organization — and allow for expansion of research activities, fostering of relationships across the University and region, and comprehensive curricular development and integration across all academic programs.  Our vision is to be recognized as one of the world’s leading institutions for the study of the human, social side of data.